Hello ...

My name is Max.

Actually it's Maximilian. But, I hope you will
agree ... that is a bit much for an introduction!

I am a multi-generation Angeleno born and raised in the neighborhoods that make-up the Westside.

I provide advocacy for individuals and organizations in matters of real estate acquisition, marketing, sales and use through guidance, networking and performing.

I work to find solutions for client needs ranging from:

Places for people to call home.

Single Family Homes, Estates, Condominiums and land assets

Spaces for small businesses.

Restaurants, Flex, Retail, Commercial and New Emerging Uses.

Sources of income and appreciation.

Income (up to 8 units), Mixed Use, Multi-family and Co-living buildings and land assets.

Landmarks, parks & megastructures.

Find new uses for underutilized, depreciated and redundant land assets.

By delivering key intangibles and an expanding skill set


Create options, assess variables that assist decision making.

Insights & Vision

Create options, assess variables that assist decision making.


Create options, assess variables that assist decision making.


Create options, assess variables that assist decision making.

When combined deliver to clients.

Resulting in

Well informed participant in negotiations.

Being a native of Los Angeles, doesn't hurt.

Witnessing the evolution of the City from an expanding perspective, since 1987.

Understanding of key areas
and peripheral influences.


Invested in the City, its People
and Future.


Long on Southern California,
in particular.

Global climate changes will lead us towards
net increased migration into Southern California.

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Bulldog Realtors Abbot Kinney Office


Bulldog Realtors is a full service boutique real estate brokerage serving the Westside Beach Cities of Los Angeles.

While our style has been described as unconventional, our knowledge and tenacity in service of our clients is never in question.

Several of our agents are multilingual, experienced in international transactions. Our newest agent finds homes for humans - and for rescue dogs.


Bulldog Realtors
1209 Abbot Kinney Boulevard
Venice, CA 90291

Ways to Reach Out

Direct: +1 (310) 482-7032
Email: max@mfavela.com

It all starts with a conversation.

We can start by figuring out, if we are of a compatible pairing.

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